Yesterday was Limericks Day

Yesterday was a lot of fun!  Our class got to write limericks.  What made it even more fun was when, My teacher Mrs. Smith read a few limericks from her previous class.  Some of them were really funny but, a few were outstanding.  When Mrs. Smith was reading aloud I was thinking there was no way a 6th grader could of thought of this.  So I went on the trusty internet and found the exact same limericks a student  wrote.  Here is one I wrote about Sahil.




There once was a boy named Sahil

he thought it was smart to plagerize someones grille

that was not very smart

what a bad start

because we had to spill the teachers thrill




Jump, accelerate

fly through the water, like a feather

celebrate forever


A Books purpose📚

Write preview publish

relax read finish fall in love

need another book to read


I love dogs🐕

I run as Speedo cavorts

next to my fast moving blur body

My dogs fur flops up

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One Little Word

  If I could give a gift to Greg I would give the gift of common sense.  It would help him realize that you get popular and have more friends by being nice and not judging people for who they appear to be.  I think Greg will love this gift because in the long run it will really help him.

Student Blogging channel week 3

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Brain Cancer


A Hurtful Headache

 Brain tumors

By: Mackenzie

A brain tumor is a collection of cells.  Tumors are formed when cells reproduce too quickly creating a lump.  It is a scary disease that can even kill somebody.  I had a close family friend who was diagnosed with brain cancer and lost the fight with a brain tumor.



Facts about brain tumors

  • Brain tumors are named after how they grow.
  • A tumor is a collection of bad cells.
  • Some tumors can be close to harmless.
  • Some doctors believe that brain cancer can be passed down by blood.

                                               What can doctors do?

Doctors today are able brain tumorto remove some tumors through surgery.

Doctors have discovered a way to shrink tumors through a process called chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is a way that doctors kill cancerous cells through the use of different types of medicine.

brain tumor 2





Chemotherapy is a constant cycle of drugs that will shrink the cancer cells and make the tumor easier to remove with surgery.


I believe that a brain tumors is a severe disease that is passed down by genetics.  Doctors have found a lot of different ways to treat you if you have a brain tumor like chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  I think that in the future doctors will create a drug that will shock the cancer right out of your system!



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One little word

After  my step dad hit me and my mom was sent to a hospital.  I was relocated to a foster home.  I now live with the Murphys.  Ever since I left my home town “Vegas”  I have been cared for and loved by the family that took me in.  The sad part is I have been caught up in my own world, I have never registered that the people around me love me.  My one little word Is register.  I will work harder to take the hugs I need and cry a river when my love ones are hurt.  I will register the love that filled my empty heart.

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This month I have really been into the book H.I.V.E.  It is and action packed story with a new twist for every chapter.  The main character “Otto” is a supper villain.  He is transported to The Higher Institute Of Villainous Education (H.I.V.E) and learns how to fight and cover most of his tracks.  While at hive he meets Wing.  Wing later in the story is like a brother to him.  He fights to make sure that Otto stays alive, they even turn out to be roommates.  During the adventures that H.I.V.E. has to offer you will be introduced to allot more characters like Laura, Shelby, and the head of the school, Dr. Nero.  Then when you finish the first book and want something to read you can move on the the second and third book.


Life is like a swimming pool you dive in and dont know how deep it is

-Dennis Rodman

Happy Birthday

My birthday is January 2nd!  Im so excited to hangout with friends and family!  For birthdays in my family the boy or girl gets to choose where they want to go for dinner.  This year I would like Sweet Water, Olive Garden or Nagoya.  This year I am having a birthday party at the movie theater and watching Annie!  I love the movie Annie.  Last year my family and went to New York for my birthday!  Funny thing is I saw Annie on Broadway 🙂

Life is like a swimming pool, you dive into the water but cant see how deep it is-Dennis Rodman